The Truth About Reversing Fatty Liver

“How To Naturally Dissolve Liver Fat, Stop Your Pain, Safely Lose Weight, And Finally Reverse Your Fatty Liver Once And For All”

Dear Friend,

If you have a fatty liver, you are in the right place!

My name is Susan Peters, and on this page, I will reveal how I naturally reversed my own fatty liver, ended my fatigue, and finally lost the weight that was destroying my health.

Curious if this will work for you too?

Keep reading and I promise it will be worth it, because once it clicks, I’m betting many of the your health challenges will simply disappear like they did for me.

You are about to uncover the secret to eliminating your fatty liver problems for good, and discover…

  • The 4 foods you must AVOID that are literally causing your fatty liver to get worse with each passing day.
  • 5 easy things you can eat to HEAL your liver, and help it naturally rebuild and regenerate itself on a CELLULAR level.
  • 3 common “liver landmines” lurking around your home that may be poisoning your liver without your knowledge…
  • The BIGGEST mistake most people make when dealing with their fatty liver. Unless you want a liver transplant, don’t do this!

Now, I can’t tell you how long I’ll keep this page online. There’s a lot of pressure to take it down, and you’ll understand why shortly. So please stick with me, and I promise that after you read this, you will understand how to get your life back on track.

The Truth About Fatty Liver

The real problem when it comes to fatty liver is that there is a sea of misinformation out there. That’s pretty shocking considering that it’s one of the most common health conditions in the world.

According to the respected NY Times Columnist Dr. Mark Hyman, as many as 90 million people have fatty liver in the US alone. And frankly, it’s growing like a weed.

Wherever you find fast food, a sedentary lifestyle, and stressed out people, you’ll find it, along with diabetes, heart disease, and many other debilitating conditions.

Now you might think that with so many people suffering, there would be a proven, established protocol to treat it…

But Strangely, There’s Not!

Not even close. Which is why it’s kind of surprising that a woman like me was able to figure it out on my own.

And I promise, in a few minutes, you will have a lot more clarity and know far more than you do now about treating your sick liver. Hopefully, it will lead you down your own path of recovery like it did for me.

I’m about to share with you how to literally dissolve liver fat, as well as…

  • Lose all your depressing, health-killing, belly, thigh, and love handle fat.
  • End the constant joint and body pain that slows you down.
  • Create more energy and stamina.
  • Clear up damaged skin, hair, and nails.
  • Improve your vision.
  • Lower your cholesterol.
  • Rebuild your liver, 100% naturally.
  • And more than likely shave a good 10 years off your looks.

First though, I want to first share an extremely personal, and kind-of-scary story with you about how I came to know all this, and how I became an expert-by-necessity on the topic of fatty liver.

In 2014, I Didn’t Even Know What Fatty Liver Was…

It was late summer, the first week of September. The weather was still gorgeous, with long days and warm nights.

At about 11PM on a Saturday evening, my husband and I had just come home from a Labor Day party, and were in the bedroom, getting ready to go to bed.

To be honest, I was pretty tired, and expected to be asleep in no-time. But when I crawled under the covers, I noticed I had developed a nasty ache in my abdomen that shot all the way up my right shoulder.

And because of that pain, I could barely get to sleep that night.

I thought it was a one-time thing, you know, like a pulled muscle or a strained tendon, and that it would “fix” itself. But over the next month, the pain only got worse.

It seemed like every day, a new ache or symptom would creep up… Insomnia, mental fog, blurry vision, diarrhea, angry temper, you name it. It’s like I was falling apart piece by piece, and I had no idea why.

This went on for 4 weeks, until I could barely stand it. By October, I was a mess, hitting what was perhaps at the lowest point in my entire life.

I was depressed, mad, and for the first time in my life, I was scared. Scared of getting sick, of being in pain, unable to take care of myself.

When I looked on the Internet for help, all I saw were stories of debilitating diseases…

  • Heart attacks
  • Strokes
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • And of course the dreaded C-word, let’s not forget that.

For a time there, I wondered if I might actually die. I felt so bad, it didn’t seem to matter anymore, all of which led me to where I am today…

To a place where my liver is completely normal and healthy, and my body is finally healed. I bet you want to experience that too. I mean, who wouldn’t?

And even though I don’t know you, I will go out on limb and say that not only can you have good health again, you DESERVE it, and I’m going to help you get there.

The Catastrophic Event That Changed My Life

I’m kind of stubborn like my dad, which is why I usually need some sort of catastrophic event to push me over the edge and get me to finally deal with a problem once and for all.

And that catastrophic event happened almost one month to the day after when I felt that first sharp pain.

We had just finished dinner, and my husband was reading in the living room. The dishes were done, the animals were safely inside, and we had a fire going since the weather was starting to turn.

Even though I was full, I somehow convinced myself I was still hungry, and started plotting a snack, preferably something sweet. You might know that feeling yourself.

I tip-toed over to the candy jar where I hid my chocolate, and very quietly reached in and grabbed a Snickers bar, hoping my husband wouldn’t hear. I then snuck into the bathroom, locked the door, and proceeded to eat the whole darn thing!

And if that’s not bad enough, I then snuck BACK into the kitchen, grabbed ANOTHER Snickers, and this time went into the garage, pretending to “look” for something while I scarfed that down too.

It was as if I were hypnotized by the sugar, a slave to it’s sweetness. Have you ever felt that way, like you had no control over yourself?

Maybe you even found a wrapper in the trash, and you didn’t remember eating the candy that came in it?

So What Happened?

Of course, the sugar rush was awesome, it always is. I felt powerful, energized, happy, safe, fulfilled, and perfect in every way… for a whole 20 minutes.

And then the emotions started washing over me in waves…

  • Guilt..
  • Shame…
  • Sadness…
  • Anger…
  • Frustration…
  • Fear…

Even worse was the actual inflammation in my abdomen. It got so bad, I had to take two Advils and a sleeping pill just to knock myself out that night.

And though I hated the pain, I finally realized it was connected to my diet. That was a big “Ah Ha” moment, and it led me down a path I’ll tell you about shortly.

The next morning, I felt like throwing up. Whatever was wrong with me had become much, much worse. I was surprised I could even get out of bed.

But I did, and in spite of that fact that I felt closer to death than ever before, I made a vow to myself right then and there…

I Would Find Out Exactly What Was Wrong
And Fix It No Matter What!

I’ve never liked doctors, but needed some help and so the next day, I submitted to a battery of blood tests, X-Rays, even an expensive CT Scan, and as you can probably guess…

I was officially diagnosed with fatty liver, specifically a condition known as NASH (Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis). Honestly, I never would have guessed it was my liver causing all the problems, because I didn’t think of myself as unhealthy.

I’m not what you would consider obese, and I sincerely believed my diet was good, and my body was strong…

But It Turns Out, I Was Wrong!

Now the weird thing is that getting info about fatty liver from your doctor can be a bit frustrating.

First of all, they’ll tell you that it’s not a curable condition. I think that’s why so many people give up hope and feel like they are on their own.

If you press hard enough, they’ll probably tell you to lose some weight, but they won’t say how.

And they might tell you to get your diet into shape, but they won’t specifically say what to eat (and what NOT to eat).

Push real hard and you hear that you should protect yourself from toxins, but they never say what those toxins are.

It’s almost like they want you…

Fat, Sick, And Nearly Dead!

If you are wondering why doctors give you advice that’s so incredibly generic and vague, you aren’t alone. I wondered the same thing, and what I discovered can only be described as a conspiracy on a grand scale.

Believe me when I tell you there are dark forces in the world that hope you eat their crappy food and don’t ask any questions, so they can make money selling you junk that makes you sick.

They NEED you sick with fatty liver, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity so they can sell you their overpriced pharmaceutical and over-the-counter solutions, each with their own dangerous set of side effects.

But don’t worry too much about the side effects…

Because they have a drug for those too.

And your depression…

And your pain…

And you insomnia…

If you buy into the lie, take the pills and potions they give you, well, all I can say is you end up with a life that’s hardly worth living.

It’s sad, but the “Powers That Be” want to keep you confused and ignorant, running around like a chicken with your head cut off, treating your symptoms and never really fixing the root cause of the problem, which is…

A Compromised Liver

In a sec, I’ll reveal some very specific steps you can take to get your life back, and potentially reverse your own fatty liver. You’ll discover some of my favorite foods to eat, what to avoid, and things you may not even realize are harming you.

My hope is that you will reclaim the vibrant health you were born with, and that’s rightfully yours.

Remember, despite my success overcoming this, I’m really no different than you. I’m just a woman who stumbled upon an extremely effective, and 100% natural solution for overcoming fatty liver, NASH, NAFLD, and AFLD.

And so far, over 10,000 people have used it to get themselves healthy again…

  • To experience more energy and clarity…
  • To lower liver enzymes and cholesterol levels…
  • To safely lose weight and keep it off…
  • To feel great again…
  • Even reverse damage from years of abuse…

This is the very same diet and treatment program I used to finally reverse my own fatty liver, and I’ll share the core of it with you, so you can finally experience it for yourself.

Before I do though, I want to make something abundantly clear…

Your Sick Liver Is Not Your Fault!

Before we talk about how to get rid of it, let’s talk about how you got it in the first place. If you don’t get that figured out, you’ll stay on the hamster wheel and never even have a shot at getting better.

Fact is, the food you eat is probably 80% responsible for the problem.

The agricultural industry is joined at the hip with the pharmaceutical industry, working hand in hand to enslave us forever in an endless stream of sickness, disease, and drugs.

And in spite of the fact that you doctor tried to blame you for the problem, it’s not actually your fault. The real issue is that you’ve been lied to for years and these lies are keeping you from having the life and health you deserve.

I have spoken with many people who have fatty liver, and the biggest myth out there is that it’s not reversible. Maybe your doctor even told you something similar, and that you just have to live with it.

If you are one of the MILLIONS that of people who fell victim to that lie, it’s possible you never even tried to improve your health because you thought it was hopeless, which means…

  • You continue to live in pain…
  • You continue to have trouble sleeping…
  • You continue to look older than you really are…
  • You continue to gain weight…
  • You continue to needlessly suffer…

Listen, this is not what I want for you, and I know it’s not what you should want for yourself.

So who IS responsible for this mess?

Big Food And Big Pharma…

Big food wants you to make you addicted to their junk, so you buy it again and again, week after week, giving yourself diabetes and metabolic syndrome and god know what else, literally killing your liver from the inside out with excess fat, dangerous toxins, and lack of nutrients.

Then, Big Pharma wants to swoop in, looking like the hero, but in reality, hooking you on a lifetime prescription of whatever drug they are pitching that week.

  • Neither of them want you to quit eating crap…
  • Neither of them have any interest in you actually reversing your fatty liver…
  • Neither of them want you to feel better…
  • Neither of them want you to stop buying drugs or over the counter medications…

It’s almost like some sort of…


Fact is, you’ve been bombarded for years by lies perpetuated by these crooks, and even though it seems like it should be illegal, it’s not.

In fact, they both make a huge amount of money from your suffering, so don’t expect it to stop anytime soon.

The misinformation they spread online and via the media, Internet, and even medical journals is enough to baffle even the smartest person, and frankly, it threw me for a loop myself.

The deeper I dug, the more fake research studies and I found, all funded by drug and food companies, and meant to intentionally deceive you, and keep you from knowing 3 fundamental truths…

  1. The first TRUTH is there are healthy and inexpensive foods that make your liver and body so happy, it starts to naturally rebuild itself on a cellular level, almost as if by magic.
  2. The second TRUTH is that there are other foods (and chemicals and household items) that are killing your liver, leading to extra weight, diabetes, cirrhosis, cancer, and ultimately death.
  3. And the final TRUTH is that there’s almost nowhere you can go, online or offline, to find this information on your own.

Now that you know the problem, and that your fatty liver was in fact the result of a conspiracy, let’s dive into the biggest things you can do right now to reverse your condition and begin healing your body…

How I Healed My Body And Reversed Years
Of Damage… And How You Can Too!

These are the exact steps that I (and thousands of others) have taken to get healthy again, and reclaim our lives.

Most center around food, specifically what to eat, but we also go into things you should never consume, things around the home that your liver hates, and a few big secrets to getting healthy again.

As you can imagine, I have quite a few friends with fatty liver. I work with a people who have it. My relatives have it, and even strangers I meet have it.

And when they hear I’m an Internet researcher on the topic of liver health, they all ask the same question, which you probably the answer to as well…

What Can You Do About it And
How Can You Get Rid Of It!

Here’s what I tell friends and members of my own family…

You have to stop the poisoning before you can start the healing. Which is why we are going to begin with things that you must AVOID like the plague!

I’m not trying to be Ms. Buzzkill here, but if you want to get better, this is where I started…

1. Diet Soda

You probably already know you need to cut way back on sugar, especially things like candy, baked goods, sweet snacks, and regular soda. But what you may NOT know is that you should also completely stop drinking diet soda.

You see, because it’s sweet, diet soda actually tricks your body into thinking there’s sugar in it, which means your body produces the hormone insulin to clear out sugar that’s not really there.

That confuses your body and leads to insulin resistance, blood-sugar spikes, and eventually diabetes.

The diabetes fatty – liver connection is very real, and it’s dangerous enough that you must take it seriously, but there’s another reason you want to avoid diet soda, and that’s because…

It’s literally filled with dangerous chemicals that are poisonous to your liver and may be leading to many of the health complications you are experiencing right now.

There is strong scientific evidence the artificial sweetener aspartame and the caramel color in diet cola contain compounds that increase both insulin resistance and inflammation.

These compounds are a factor in aging and the development of many degenerative diseases like atherosclerosis, chronic kidney disease, and Alzheimer’s. Overall, it’s not a pretty picture, which is why you want to stop drinking all sodas, even if they are diet.

2. Peanut Butter

The second thing you need to avoid may come as a complete surprise, it sure did to me. My doctor sure didn’t say anything. Many people think it’s healthy, but it may not be if you have a liver issue.

Peanut butter is often thought as a good source of protein, and if you look online, you can find many websites actually recommend it as a snack for people with fatty liver, but my experience says otherwise.

See, if your liver is completely healthy, and you aren’t overweight or have a peanut allergy, you can eat peanut butter all day long. But if your liver is even a little bit compromised, there are three big problems…

  1. First of all, many commercial brands are loaded with sugar, which when mixed with the fat in peanuts can damage your liver and cause you to gain weight.
  2. Second, many peanut butters have dangerous chemicals, preservatives, and salts added to improve shelf-life. These directly assault your liver, creating hormonal imbalances, and causing it to begin storing fat.
  3. And finally, peanuts contain a naturally occurring mold known as “Aflotoxin,” which believe it or not is one of the most dangerous compounds known to mankind. It’s actually listed as a “Class 1 Carcinogen” by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, because it directly impacts liver function.

I used to eat a LOT of peanut butter, and I could never figure out why my liver got worse and worse. It was only when I stopped that my symptoms started to disappear, and believe it or not, that’s something I have heard from many other people as well.

So if you are still eating peanut butter, and your liver is having a problem, maybe switch to Almond butter, or Hummus, or something that’s not contaminated with Aflatoxins (or sugar).

3. Junk Food!

In the movie Supersize Me, Morgan Spurlock actually gave himself fatty liver after just a week of eating only at McDonalds. After 30 days, he was 24 pounds heavier, had hypertension, high-cholesterol, sexual dysfunction, and effectively became pre-diabetic.

That’s right, he started out healthy, and after only a month, his body went into the toilet. His liver enzymes spiked, his blood sugar got out of whack, and his liver fat levels exploded because they were bombarded with the junk in what he was eating.

Which is probably why we call it “Junk” food to begin with!

So do yourself a favor and kick Junk and Fast Food out of your life, and replace it with some delicious real food that makes your liver happy, and that we will cover in a sec.

Your body will thank you, and if you are like most people, you’ll look and feel younger and slimmer in practically no time at all.

4. Alcohol!

Forget what you may have heard about how “occasional” drinking is fine, or that there are supposed health benefits to wine. If you have fatty liver, any type at all, those don’t apply to you.

Quite a few of my friends quit drinking when they were diagnosed. I did, and it’s probably been the single biggest change I made after this whole liver thing happened.

And while I missed it at first, what I don’t miss is waking up in pain or spending days in a fog after a-few-too-many the night before.

Alcohol also makes it much harder for you to lose weight because it poisons your liver and messes up your hormonal balance. Not to mention it destroys gut bacteria, harming digestion, and leading to increased blood toxicity.

The Benefits Of Cleaning Up Your Diet And Life

There are obviously many more foods and things to avoid, but I want to give you the ones that made the biggest impact for me. That’s because when you get your life cleaned up, you will probably notice some significant health benefits beyond your liver…

  • Your brain becomes sharper.
  • Your senses improve (taste, smell, touch, sight, and hearing).
  • You breathe easier.
  • Your joint pain lessens.
  • Your skin and hair begin looking strong and healthy.
  • You lose weight.
  • You start having more good days than bad.

Keep reading, and a window will soon appear on this page where you can request a free report titled “7 Foods To Avoid With A Fatty Liver.” If you want even more suggestions, enter your email and I’ll send it to you at no charge.

There’s really no downside to getting your liver healthy!

So What Can You Eat?

How would you like to actually ENJOY eating specific foods that you know will help you reverse your fatty liver, lose wight, and make you feel amazing?

There are many of these lover-loving foods, hundreds in fact, but there are five that are so good for you, and so easy to add to your diet, you should begin eating them every single day if you can, especially if you have fatty liver.

I’ll even tell you how to make them delicious so you look forward to mealtimes…

1. Oatmeal

The first is something you probably have in your cupboard, but like most people, you likely have no idea how good it is for you, so you don’t eat it.

Oatmeal is an amazing healthy liver food that literally removes poisons and toxins from your digestive tract, cleaning it up before the food even hits your colon.

It can help clean out your entire body, and best of all, because it breaks down slowly, you will experience energy for hours without spiking your blood sugar or making you crash.

My favorite way of eating it is to add a half teaspoon of cinnamon, which is full of powerful antioxidants, along with some banana and berries, which…

Makes It Delicious!

You get potassium and compounds known as flavonoids and polyphenols, both of which specifically help rebuild liver tissue. Add a bit of soy milk, and you have a complete morning meal with nearly as much protein as two eggs.

If you’ve been looking for a way to have more energy and stamina all day long, this oatmeal recipe is one of the best ways to do it.

You will probably find yourself like I did, feeling more productive and less hungry, able to accomplish more, and without the emotional ups and downs you get from eating sugary sweets first thing in the morning.

2. Coffee And Tea

The second thing on the list are actually two beverages that you might already love, but may not know are so good for you. In several recent high-profile studies, coffee was specifically linked to a reduction in fatty liver disease.

Scientists believe the caffeine and other compounds prevent the liver from absorbing fat, which helps prevent more serious conditions like hepatitis and cirrhosis. There’s even evidence that coffee drinkers have fewer instances of cancer.

And tea, both green and black, have healthy compounds known as polyphenols and catechins that actually protect the liver against damage.

That’s probably why there’s so much science behind these two amazing beverages, and why one (or both) should be on your list of things to drink to keep your liver healthy.

Instead of cream, try coconut milk creamer, or nut milk, or even start drinking it black. I switched brands and found one I like so I don’t need to add anything at all.

3. Turmeric

You can easily add fresh turmeric (or powered spice) to stir-frys, soups, smoothies, and fresh juices. Widely known for it’s healing benefits, turmeric is good for brain and heart health, as well as protecting liver cells from fat-infestation.

There’s because of the antioxidant properties of the active ingredient curcumin, which boosts the activity of the body’s antioxidant enzymes, protecting our bodies from free radicals and aging.

There’s probably no other herb that has been clinically tested or written about for its inflammation-fighting properties. Since inflammation is a common symptom of fatty liver, try adding turmeric to your diet and see if it helps. It’s cheap, safe, and it tastes great.

4. Berries

Berries are rich in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and as previously mentioned, flavonoids and polyphenols. They are one of the top foods to eat to heal both your liver and digestive system.

If you have a sweet-tooth, berries are a nice treat because they can satisfy you without spiking your blood sugar or harming your health. Treat yourself to strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries.

If they are available, try some of the more exotic varieties like acai berries, acerola cherries, cranberries, goji berries, salmonberries, boysenberries, or ollalieberries.

I like them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can even blend frozen berries with a little banana and make a tasty and healthy ice-cream substitute for dessert.

5. Broccoli

Broccoli is amazing for three reasons…

First of all, it contains a compound called sulforaphane, which actually helps your liver regenerate itself and rebuild damaged tissue on a cellular level.

Sulforaphane is found in other vegetables, but broccoli is my favorite because the concentration is high, it’s available at any grocery store, and best of all, it’s cheap.

That’s a big benefit to treating your condition naturally instead of using drugs or over-the-counter medications.

It’s Way Less Expensive!

For less than a dollar a day, you can add broccoli to your diet and it will give you more benefit than many pharmaceuticals. It has the potential to alleviate multiple health issues…

  • High blood pressure…
  • Diabetes…
  • Metabolic syndrome…
  • Skin problems…
  • Digestive problems…
  • And of course, fatty liver.

I like to eat it steamed, but feel free to have it any way you like… Sautéed with a little sea salt and garlic, in your soup or salad, or even raw, dipped in something yummy like hummus.

Unexpected Liver Toxins

Now I want to talk about something your doctor probably won’t ever mention, and that’s really a shame. You see, a good 20% of people with liver problems have their condition because of this…

I’m talking about all the toxic things you may be exposed to around your home or work place, that are attacking your liver, often without your knowledge.

In fact, you can eat a perfect diet, avoid all the bad foods, and exercise every day, but if you don’t pay attention to your environment, it won’t make a lick of difference.

Let’s start with…

1. Dangerous Cleaning Supplies

Everyone likes living in a clean home. The problem occurs when the cleaners we use make our liver dirty, contaminating it with solvents, detergents, and chemicals that enter our body through our nose and skin.

Some of these are extremely dangerous, like oven cleaner or furniture stripper. They should only be used with gloves, goggles, and a respirator, since they literally kill liver cells more effectively than tequila shots!

I recommend “green” cleaning supplies, or even better, using non-toxic things like vinegar, lemon juice, and essential oils that are safe. If you must use dangerous chemicals, please use safety gear, and leave your house for a bit afterwards so it can air out.

2. Dangerous Insecticides

Bugs are gross, I hate them and so does my family. But you know what’s much grosser? Cancer, respiratory issues, and a liver transplant. (Search for liver transplant videos if you don’t believe me.)

I had a friend who’s roommate once set off a bug bomb in her bedroom without telling anyone, and she nearly ended up in the hospital. You definitely want to be careful when it comes to poison

And let’s not forget something we voluntarily slather on ourselves every summer when we go to the beach, camping, or to a picnic… bug repellent. One common ingredient (known as DEET) is specifically connected to liver damage.

Bugs have their own problems, mosquitoes carry disease, cockroaches have viruses, and even ants spread germs. But the poison we use to kill them often targets the liver, and can create bigger problems down the line.

Try non-toxic bug traps, lavender and mint extract, and keeping surfaces clean so bugs aren’t attracted to them in the first place. Instead of bug repellents that soak into your skin, try healthy oils like citronella, eucalyptus, and clove.

3. Pesticides in Food

Genetically modified foods (GMOs) have not been shown to harm the liver, but the way they are grown has. Many use dangerously high levels of herbicides, specifically one called glyphosate.

Glyphosate gets into the food and actually enters your bloodstream. It’s toxic for all humans, but it’s especially damaging for people who have fatty liver, and a recent study linked it to fatty liver symptoms.

We highly encourage you to stick to organic food when possible, but we absolutely do not recommend eating anything that may be genetically modified because of the glyphosate danger, especially GMO corn, wheat, or soy.

How To Cheat On Your Diet, Eat (Some Of) The Foods You Love, And Still Manage To Fix Your Sick Liver

If you liked all that, I think you are going to love this next trick, because I have something pretty amazing to share with you. It’s a secret way I figured out to actually cheat on your diet, eat the foods you love, and still fix your liver…

I call it the “Cheat Stack.”

I came up with this trick while having lunch with a friend who was diagnosed with NAFLD, and was looking for help. Like most of us, he lacked self-control and his poor diet had created a huge health problem he was now struggling with.

He asked a simple question…

If foods like broccoli and coffee and berries and oatmeal are SO good, can they counteract the negative effects of bad food? In other words, if he had coffee and oatmeal for breakfast, a salad with berries for lunch, and a side of broccoli for dinner…

Could He Then Eat A Cheeseburger?

It’s a great question, and the answer is… quite possibly yes.

I mean, if you are going to have the cheeseburger anyway, or a slice of pie, or some french-fries, you really need to do all those other things to balance out the negative effects of eating bad food.

And in many cases, they will help. Oatmeal can counteract the cholesterol inducing fats in the burger, turmeric can alleviate the join pain from the pie, and broccoli has antioxidants that rebuild cells damaged by fried food.

Of course, I don’t want you to think you can eat cheeseburgers and fries, and wash it down with broccoli to make it healthy, but I am saying that there’s a smart way to cheat.

I also believe that you MUST cheat a few times a week if you are ever expected to stay on the diet, which is the hardest part of losing weight as far as I’m concerned.

The Cheat Stack allows you to reverse your fatty liver while at the same time enjoying (some of) the foods you love and could never imagine giving up.

One of the big reasons it works is because of how it’s designed. See, when you fill up on healthy stuff first, your cravings for junk are substantially reduced.

And you find yourself feeling better, even losing weight, because your body is getting all the important nutrition it needs to heal itself. So to be honest, you aren’t as hungry for the junk.

People who have a healthy liver use this trick, even if they aren’t aware of it, to protect themselves from disease and sickness, and still enjoy their food, And my new program, which I’m about to cover in detail, is rooted in this strategy…

Cheating Is Not Only Allowed, But Actively Encouraged…

OK, that was a lot of information and you might be feeling a tad overwhelmed at this point, and that’s perfectly okay. All it really means is that you have a simple choice to make…

#1: Do you take the information I just gave you, and try to go at this by yourself?

Who knows, you may get lucky, and one day, possibly see some progress. It will take longer, of course, and you’ll make a lot of painful mistakes, and spend money you don’t have on things that don’t work, but you can try.

#2: Or, do you make the smart choice? The choice everyone takes who is ready to finally break free from the pain and suffering of fatty liver disease.

Listen, this is the first and only program of it’s kind that helps you naturally overcome your fatty liver without taking drugs, starving yourself, or spending a lot of money.

Why go it alone when I’ve already done ALL the hard work for you? In the past 3 years, I have tried…

  • Every food…
  • Every treatment…
  • Every supplement…
  • Every diet…

I have also taken just about every test you can imagine for liver enzymes, creatinine, blood sugar, electrolytes, cholesterol, you name it. Not to mention x-rays, examinations, ultrasounds, even a CT scan.

I spent thousands of dollars reading every book and program I could find on fatty liver, taking nutrition classes, meeting with doctors, naturopaths, and patients, and in the process, I became an expert-by-necessity in reversing fatty liver.

Why would you even consider starting from scratch or trying to do this on your own when I’ve cracked the code and laid out the EXACT step-by-step plan to heal your body?

Here’s how the VAST majority of people decide to reverse their condition. It’s called…

Reverse Your Fatty Liver™

It’s the only program that shows you how to reverse and heal your fatty liver in the shortest possible time, using the most effective 100% natural methods… All the same things I did (and still do) myself..

This radically simple program will work for you, EVEN if you normally have trouble dieting or losing weight…

  • Even if you are diabetic…
  • Even if you don’t have a lot of self control…
  • Even if your doctor said there’s nothing you can do.

I assure you, most fatty liver cases are reversible, even if you believe you’ve seen and tried everything already.

What The Program Is NOT

Now before I tell you what the Reverse Your Fatty Liver™ program is, I need to tell you what it is NOT, so there are no false expectations. This is not about…

  • Expensive drugs with a lot of side effects.
  • Starving or denying yourself with the latest fad diet.
  • Treating your symptoms, while ignoring the root cause of the problem.
  • Complicated supplement regimes that have you taking dozens of strange pills every day.
  • Weird foods that are hard to find and cost an arm and a leg.

Listen: You’ve been lied to enough by big food and big pharma, and it’s time to put away the gimmicks and start taking care of yourself, OK? I spent the last 3 years of my life figuring this stuff out, how people get it, and how they get rid of it.

I turned my research passion into a very specific program that anyone can follow. And now, starting TODAY, you are invited to join me.

Reverse Your Fatty Liver™ gives you the freedom to easily build a diet and lifestyle around your favorite healthy foods. All while your energy soars, and weight starts to fall off, almost by itself.

If you want to get your health handled once and for all, this is one of the fastest and easiest ways to do it. But before we go any further, I need to be 100% honest with you…

There Is No Magic Pill

If you’re looking for some sort of magic pill, or an “instant” solution, or an experimental drug, this is probably NOT a good fit, and you should leave this page.

I am looking to help people who are in actual pain like I was. People who have a sincere desire to get themselves healthy again.

There are no quick-fixes or magical supplements you can take, in spite of what you may have heard before. Fatty liver is often caused by years of abuse, and it’s not going to clear up in a week or two.

If You Are Ready, THIS Is As Easy As It Gets…

If you’re ready for the REAL TRUTH about fatty liver, here’s what you can expect:

  • Rebuild past damage
  • Lose extra weight on belly, thighs, or hips
  • Feel more energy and stamina
  • Eliminate mental fog
  • Sleep better at night
  • Look younger
  • And feel better

If those are your goals, Reverse Your Fatty Liver™ isn’t just a solution for you, it’s the ONLY logical choice! Let’s take a look at what’s covered…

  • The complete list of foods that rebuild your liver and cleanse your body.
  • All the things your liver hates, from foods and household items that are poisoning you, to which sunscreens are safe (WARNING: not all are).
  • Get my favorite, easy-to-prepare, and totally delicious fatty liver recipes.
  • Learn which supplements can help your liver rebuild itself and relieve your pain, and which are a total waste of money.
  • Get the top healing foods for people who suffer from inflammation.
  • Discover the powerful 7-day liver cleanse that’s both safe and effective. Unlike some cleanses, you can eat real food, so you aren’t hungry all the time.
  • Best of all, get the same Fatty Liver diet I used to heal my body and reverse my condition.

In a nutshell, this is the only program of its kind, a proven solution to finally Reverse Your Fatty Liver™

How Much Does It Cost?

As you’ve probably realized by now, this is by far the most effective program on the market today…

It allows you the easiest way to get your life back, and as you will find out shortly, the results are literally off-the-charts. In fact, I was able to significantly reverse my own fatty liver in 90 days…

And I was feeling better after only a few weeks, like so many of the people who have tried this, and experienced amazing success.

Now, you might believe a program that can do all of this (and much more), would cost hundreds of dollars. In all honesty? It probably should. I mean, I spent thousands of dollars and years of my life figuring this whole thing out.

I’ll get to the price in second, first though, I want to tell what our members like the best about it…

Reverse Your Fatty Liver is 100% Natural

There are no expensive drugs, creams, or pharmaceuticals. No dangerous, uncomfortable, side effects. You won’t be taking over the counter medications or handfuls of strange pills, because this program is primarily food based.

You get my specific fatty liver diet and cleanse to heal your body and reverse your condition. Learn which foods to eat and which to avoid, and how to protect your liver from environmental toxins as well.

Here’s another thing our members love about it…

Reverse Your Fatty Liver Saves You Money

There are no exotic supplements. You don’t need a $1,000 juicer, or a $5,000 water filter. And after you get better, you won’t be wasting money on doctor visits, co-pays, or expensive tests.

Reverse Your Fatty Liver™ really works, and you will probably find yourself actually saving money because you aren’t buying any of the junk anymore. This is the safest, most effective, and most affordable way to reverse your condition and restore your health.

The price for Reverse Your Fatty Liver™ was originally set at $67, but you’re NOT just receiving the basic program today. Because you’ve read this far, I’d like to give you 3 amazing bonuses to sweeten the pot, and help you achieve your goals even faster.

Bonus #1: Lifetime updates

Look, the science around liver health is always getting better, with new studies and treatments coming out every day. And because I stay on top of this, I read most all of them.

When we uncover a new way to improve your condition or treat fatty liver, we update the program. And when you take advantage of this special offer, you will get always access to the newest version of Reverse Your Fatty Liver™ absolutely free.

Bonus #2: Healthy Liver Newsletter

The second gift you’ll be receiving today is our email newsletter with even more articles and videos on strengthening your liver, healing your body, and living an amazing life.

We are constantly seeking out the most effective health information, and when we find it, we share it. You’ll get free ebooks, cool recipes, and special discounts on health and personal development products.

Bonus #3: Healthy Liver Recipes

The third gift is a collection of our favorite healthy liver recipes. These are both delicious and easy to-make. There are smoothie recipes, soup recipes, juice recipes, salad recipes, and more. The exact foods I recommend you eat to reverse your condition.

These free bonus gifts are priceless, and when you get Reverse Your Fatty Liver™ right now, you get them all at no additional cost.

However, just for visiting today, I have a much better deal for you, which I think may end up clinching the deal. As you have probably figured out, I am NOT going to charge you $67 for all this, and my reasons are simple.

First of all, this is an online-only offer. You’ve saved me time and money from running expensive ads and having DVDs duplicated, and I’m able to pass those savings right back to you.

Second thing is that when I was diagnosed, I felt all alone, and wished there was someone to turn to. I swore that when I got my life back, I would share what I learned with as many people as possible.

So I set a crazy goal of helping…

One Million People Reverse Their Fatty Liver!

And once I reach that goal, I will double it every single year until I have eradicated fatty liver completely, or at least tried my darnedest.

That means a MUCH lower price for you today because frankly, I want you to become part of this, and I refuse to let finances be a barrier. So you will not be paying $67 for this, not even close.

Your total investment for Reverse Your Fatty Liver™, including the all the bonuses, is just $37…

Click on the order button now for the $37 special offer and lock in your super-discounted price, which is limited, and only available through this special Web site.

Don’t Decide Now!

Wondering if this is right for you? Don’t decide, just take advantage of my unconditional “Triple Guarantee” and try it out for a full 60 days. If you don’t see results, if you do not think the program is easy to follow, heck, even if you don’t like the font I use, it does NOT matter!

I’ll refund your money immediately, and we part friends. No questions, no hassles, or hard feelings. But I don’t think that’s going to happen. You see, my refund rate is tiny because what I teach is the real deal and people LOVE this program.

Who better to help than someone who successfully made the journey before you? I know I can make a difference, and if I can’t, I don’t want a penny.

All New SUPER BONUS If You Order Today

I’m 100% committed to help you achieve breakthrough health and overcome your fatty liver, so for a VERY limited time, you also get 60 days of personal support.

Ask questions via email or on our Facebook page, and I’ll answer them myself. I reserve the right to end this SUPER BONUS at any time since it’s a lot of work, but for now, I will include it for free.

Remember, it’s not just a fantastic bargain you’ll be receiving today, you’ll also become part of our ever-growing community.

You’ll even make some wonderful new friends along the way, like-minded folks who are dedicated to health and happiness. Click on the yellow button and ock in your discounted price to get this today…

You’ll be granted immediate access to everything: The complete Reverse Your Fatty Liver program, all the bonuses, plus your FREE “Super Bonus,” 60 days of personal support, which is literally priceless…

Here’s what will happen the moment you click the Order Button…

First, you’ll be taken to our 100% secure checkout page, which looks like this:

Then, you’ll arrive at our secure member’s area, which looks like this:

From there, you will start going through the program, and if you are like many people who get this, you’ll begin the amazing process of reversing your condition, just like I did.

Remember, you’ve been struggling with fatty liver for a while now, perhaps even years, and you know you need to deal with it, before it gets worse. The longer you hold off, the more likely it will turn into something serious.

However, all of that can be avoided, starting today, simply by getting the Reverse Your Fatty Liver™ program, and making the choice to be healthy.

60-Day No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

Imagine, right now, how it will feels in the future when you are free from pain and frustration…

  • You feel alive…
  • Excited…
  • Brimming with confidence…
  • Full of hope and optimism…

You feel FREE, and at peace, knowing your life is getting better instead of worse. And at long last, you look forward to the future because you know it’s filled with abundant the health you deserve.

Let’s Do This…

If you are ready, click the button and let’s get started. There’s no better time than right now to get this taken care of, and no better person then me to help you.

See you on the inside!


Susan Peters

Creator of the Reverse Your Fatty Liver program

PS: Unless you take action now, you may NEVER have this opportunity again. And if you don’t, before you know it, you may find yourself in the hospital, needing to go under the knife. Please don’t wait that long!

PPS: Want to order but still have some questions? Click here.

PPPS: You don’t want to feel left out when the Super Bonus is no longer available, which it won’t be for much longer, at least not for free. Only first-comers get access to this, everyone else is out of luck.

PPPPS: If you’re not thrilled with how much better you feel, let me know within 60 days and the program is absolutely free. My goal is to help you, and if I can’t, I refuse to charge you even one penny.

PPPPPS: Not going to buy? Click here and tell me why. Otherwise, we’ll see you on the inside!